UK LP Test-Pressing


Three Imaginary Boys (1979) 17 Seconds (1980) Faith (1981) Pornography (1982)
tib_uk_tp_lp1.jpg (21564 octets)tib_uk_tp_lp2.jpg (18583 octets) 17sec_tpa.jpg (16842 octets)17sec_tpb.jpg (16904 octets) faith_tp_uklp1.jpg (21376 octets)faith_tp_uklp2.jpg (18039 octets) porno_testpressLP.jpg (23822 octets)porno_tp_uk_side2.jpg (17209 octets)
tib_uk_tp_run.jpg (12064 octets)

This copy present the particularity to have a Fiction sticker. Some copies exist without this sticker. A released date was originally wrote on the back cover.

17sec_tp_cov1.jpg (18338 octets)17sec_run_a.jpg (16139 octets)

This test pressing present the particularity of a missing label on side 1.

faith_tp_ukrun.jpg (5464 octets)

This copy present the partciluarity to have a mention in the back cover about the  Fiction catalogue, released date and cuting process (here 2nd cut)

porno_tp_uk_run.jpg (14743 octets)

This copy present manuscript titles on each labels. Moreover destination of the test pressing can be found on the cover 'Sounds magazine'. This is a second cut of the test press of Pornography LP, see 're-cut' on the sleeve.

Moreover, some copies exist also without a sticker but sometimes with a picture of the band  attached on it. This is the case of the LP test press that belongs to the collection of JC Moglia.  Picture from the LP test press of JC Moglia collection :photouk_pro79.jpg (19857 octets)    

porno_promosheet.jpg (22461 octets)

Some copies have a folder with titles, release date and destination like the LP test pressing from P. Voisin collection. Moreover It's possible that the  first cut was with a folder whereas the second 're-cut' not included it ?


The Glove (1983) Hyaena (1984) The Top (1984)  

from Patrick Voisin coll

  special section for this test pressing   
Label 1 and 2. LP in  black sleeve. This LP test pressing present the particularity to have an original picture draft for a project for the LP sleeve. Not sure that many copies have this draft.    
Disintegration (1989) Disintegration (1989)    
disint_tp_picdisc.jpg (12931 octets)

White double side picture disc test pressing for Disintegration - From Bart Vercruyssen Collection

White double side picture disc test pressing from Patrick Voisin collection

From Salvatore Collection unless specified otherwise