The Cure - The Top - 1984


Robert Smith

Track List  CD 1:







CD Two - Rarities 1982 -1984:

You Stayed... - RS Home Demo 8/82
Ariel - RS Home Demo 8/82
A Hand Inside My Mouth -Studio Demo 8/83
Sadacic (M05) -RS Studio Demo 12/83
Shake Dog Shake - Studio Demo 12/83
Piggy In The Mirror - Studio Demo 12/83
Birdmad Girl - Studio Demo 12/83
Give Me It - Studio Demo 12/83
Throw Your Foot - Studio Demo 12/83
Happy The Man - Studio Demo 2/84
The Caterpillar - Studio Demo 2/84
Dressing Up - Studio Demo 2/84
Wailing Wall - Genetic Studios
The Empty World - Live - Hammersmith Odeon London 5/84
Bananafish Bones - Live - Hammersmith Odeon London 5/84
The Top - Live - Hammersmith Odeon London 5/84
Forever - Live - Zenith Paris 5/84 [also available on 'Curiosity ' cassette]


Europe Cover US Cover
Europe US US
US Booklet (Similar to the European)


Europe Similar edition than US except  CDs + colors inversion


UK Promo CDR 1 & CD2

CD 1 cover mention "Mix 2" for 'Shake Dog Shake' and "1 semitone speed increase" for Bananafishbones" 

Universal uses a new system for all the CDR promo copies. All the CDR are personally numbered and then traceable. Moreover if tracks are found on internet they can found the CDR number uploaded.

The CDR number & info were removed on the pictures.

All the CDR promo copies are sent with a sticker as shown on the picture with this information : "If this sticker is broken you must contact the person who sent it to you immediateley ! ! ! !"