Collectors Contribution (use the link for more informations)

Jon Alley :

The walk US tape (different sleeve) - Standing on a beach (Philipine tape) - Head on the Door (Mexico tape) - Elektra sample promo tape 1997 with How Beautiful you are - Show promo US tape - Five swing live CD without number 

Leslie Barker :

The Cure:

TIB: UK reediton tape, French tape, Australia Sire tape

Times Square UK Tape; Indonesia Tape

Boys Don't Cry: LP New-Zealand - 2 tapes Indonesia, New-zealand, Australia Sire first edition; UK reedition, US elektra/ 20 of another kind vol2 UK tape

17 seconds: Original Australia Stunn tape/ French / US Elektra tape

Faith tape: Australia Stunn

Pornography tape : Australia Stunn, Australia CBS, Indonesia, US Elektra, Australia Fast Forward tape OZ, Pornography Austrlia sire tape

Japanese whispers Australia & Indonesia tapes, The Walk on promo WArner Bros sampler tape

Throbbin 84 Tape with the Lovecats - The Walk Australia Tape

The Top Australia Sire reissue tape/ US, 2 tape, Canada tape/ German tape/ New Zealand Tape

Concert Holland Tape

The Head on the Door : 2 Tapes Australia first & reissue edition / Indonesia & singapore & NewZealand Tapes/ Standing on a beach : Indonesia & New zealand tapes

Just hits tape australia compil with in between days/ All hits tape australia with close to me

Bran Spankin new tape Oz Promo with Why can't I Be You ?

Kiss me : Australia, Indonesia, US, french, Uk, UK reedition  Tape - Play This ! promo tape compilation with Catch and Hot Hot Hot !!!

WCIBY on Australia CD Compil/ Lullaby UK promo tape

/Disintegration : Australia, German, Us tape / Entreat : Australia tape/ Mixed up : Australia tape/ Wish Australia, Chili, US & promo US tape/ Show & Paris Australia tapes - Fasination Street on Wax promo tape compilation Australia -Mixed Up UK promo tape sampler 4 tracks - Entreat Malaysia & Holland tapes - Lovesong australia tape

Lost Angels Australia CD & Tape / Pictures of you on Bitter Sweet 2CD OZ compilation

WEA FM3 tape Oz Promo with Lullaby; WEA FM 4 tape Oz Promo with Lovesong

Pictures of you Australia tape

Never Enough: 2 differents Cassingle Australia and UK Promo tape; Harold & Joe on CD OZ Compilation / Final Mix 1 CD Promo Australia with Friday I'm In Love - Close To me 90 mix cassingle australia - Purple Haze Promo OZ tape - High single OZ tape & CD OZ

Close to me on promo US LD/  Compil - Friday : single Oz tape & Rage 2CD OZ compil & UK promo 1 track tape

A Letter to Elise Australia Tape

Wild Mood Swings Promo Australia Tape, Australia & Arab tapes

the 13 th: australia single tape & uk promo tape/ 2CD compilation Australia 100% hits

Mint car single OZ tape/ Gone UK promo tape

Orgazmo US Tape, Xfiles Promo CD Australia, Xfile US Tape

Wrong Number: UK tape, UK Promo 1 track tape, Inhaled 2CD OZ compilation

Bloodflowers Malaysia Tape - Xfiles on UK promo CDR

Lullaby on a promo Polydor UK compilation sampler (2001)

Just Say Yes promo Australia CDR / The Lovecats CDrom video clip from Toyota company Australia promo CDRom- Lovesong on a promo BMG compiltion (2002)

Trilogy CD Promo audio 3 tracks & DVD Test press australia- Greatest Hits DVD US test 

The End of the World Australia black CDR promo

Siouxsie & The Banshees :

Dear Prudence : 7" US promo & New-Zealnd 7"

Nocturne : German & Australia LP, Australia *2, UK & Indonesia Tape/ NZ videotape

Hyaena : New-Zealand LP, Australia Tape; Dazzle 7" Australia, Swimming horse Irish 7", australia tape

Autumn B

The Cure:

Times Square US 8 tracks "Tape" - Happily Ever After US Promo Tape - Lament UK  7" Test press with credits - Tea Party japan only videotape betamax - Staring at the sea betamax US videotape - First aid kit box

Kelly Brennen

The Cure - Three Imaginary Boys LP copy with the pink original sticker (title tracks)

Manuela & Ramon Burmann

TIB UK LP Test press with plastic lablels - 13 Doses UK Promo Video - The Cure in Orange Promo Set Germany -Trilogy cocnert US promo CD - Join The Dots : Germany CDR Promo sampler & UK promo CDR sampler - The Cure Geffen Album : Japan Promo Tape - PromoGreek Universal  DVD compilation (2005) - Germany CDR "The Cure live" CDR Test - Seventeen Seconds remaster US 2 promo CDR -Faith remaster US 2 promo CDR - Pornography remaster US 2 promo CDR - Imaginary songs french promo CDR+folder - Rubaiyat US Promo Box - Cut Here French CDR promo - Promo UK Folder for remaster issue - "Love Will Tear Us Apart" Joy Divsion cover on CDR promo UK compilation - "Love" John Lennon cover on CDR promo UK

Ytalo Camposano

The Cure:

Times Square LP Promo Peru - Kiss me LP Peru - The Crow Peru Tape - Stone free tribute Jimi Hendrix Peru Tape

TIB Mexico Tape - Pornography Mexico Tape -Boys don't cry on Peru Promo tape compilation - Kiss me Peru tape - Wish Israel Tape - Open on promo Peru Tape - High & Friday on Peru Promo Tape

Elisa & Andrea Dalle Rive

Obtainers/ Mag spys 7" UK - TIB UK LP Test press with plastic lablels - Boys don't cry 7" UK acatate -  acetate / Accuracy 10" acetate / Grinding Halt 12" UK acteate - The Blood-Push double side 7" acetateWhy can't I be You ? 7" UK

Frederic Delalay

The Cure - Tea Party & Live in Japan (Japan Videotape) - Disintegration Turky tape

Paolo Delmastro

The Passions - 7" Germany  / The Obtainers blue stickers edition

Peter Evers 

Bloodflowers Danemark CDR promo - Greatest Hits Belgium CDR promo - Join The Dots 4CDR promo US

Xavier Fab. 

Three Imaginary Boys remastered 2 CDR UK Promo - Seventeen Seconds remastered 2 CDR UK Promo- Faith remastered 2 CDR UK Promo - Pornography remastered 2 CDR UK Promo- The End of The World Polish CDR promo - Taking Off Polish CDR Promo - Alt End on US Promo compilation Q4 2004

Ricker Greenley :

Three Imaginary Boys Sire LP (Australia) - 12" Primary (New-Zealand) - 7" Charlotte Sometimes (Holland) - 12" Charlotte Sometimes (New-Zealand) - 7" The Lovecats (Australia) - Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me Poland tape - 12" Never Enough (US Promo)

Phil Hendrix :

Times Square Japan LP - Primary 7" Germany - Charlotte Sometimes 12" Holland -Faith (Canada A&M  LP) - Faith Germany LP -Pornography (Norway LP) - The Top sampler Promotional UK Folder - The Caterpillar: Holland 12" & UK Large hole 7" - Concert Mexican CD - In Between Days 7" Portugal; Standing on a beach brazil CD -Why Can't I be You ? CDV Japan, 7" Portugal & German promo sheet - Catch CDV Japan - Kiss Me (Uruguay promo 2 x 1LP) - Catch uk with sticher & carrier plastic bag - Just Like Heaven Spain 7" with concert dates - Promo german Folder- Disintegration promo Brazil CD- Never Enough GErman Promo folder - Close To Me 90 german promo folder - Wish Brazil CD - 13th Mexican CD - Orgazmo US Promo 6 tracks CD/ LP US - The Crow Japan promo CD - Judge Dredd Taiwan promo CD - Xfiles US & Japan promo - Music for The masses Japan Promo CD - 

Ken Ko :

CD Promo Japan of Entreat, Never Enough & Friday I'm In Love - Mixed Up Japan CD Taiwan edition of Wish CD-'Playout' Japan Video

JF. Lapointe:

The Cure - Bloodflowers CDR UK Promo with Fiction logo - UK Promo Tape

Eat - Auto Gift EP UK CD

Fréderic Legros

The Cure : A Forest (Italy 12" Promo) -  7" The Hanging Garden (Japan promo) - Boys Don't Cry (Greek LP Test Pressing) - Faith (Greek Test Press) - Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me  Israel tape - 7" Test pressing UK of Catch - 7" Test pressing UK for Just Like Heaven - Wild Mood Swing Sweden CDR Acetate - Gone 12" French Test-Press - A Letter To ELise (live)  12" UK Acetate Master Room - Triger Happy UK TV Programme CDR Promo (with A Forest) - Bloodflowers (Promo Swiss CD & US CD Acetate) - Mixed Up (promo US tape) - Wish Tcheque CD - Wrong Number (Poland promo compilation CD) - Wrong Number (French promo tape/ UK Promo Tape) - Wrong Number (CDR Acetate intermedia) - Out Of This World (Australia Promo CDR 1 track) - Maybe Someday (Canada ¨promo CD) - Bloodflowers Poland tape - Entreat Greek Testpress - Wish Greek Test press - Just Say Yes on german compilation - The Cure Album Argentina CD promo - The Cure Thaillande CD Promo- The Cure Robert Smith CDR UK Promo interview (2004)

Eduardo Malvido:

17 seconds Mexico CD, Faith Mexico CD, Japanese Whisper Mexico CD, TheTop Mexico CD Concert : Mexico CD & Tape, Head On the door Mexico CD, Standing on a beach CD Mexico, Chili and Uruguay Tapes, Kiss Me mexico CD and Chili Tape, Hot Hot Hot/ Just like Heaven Tape, Disintegration Mexico 2 CD versions and Chili Tape, Entrat Mexico CD, Peru and Mexico Tapes, Wish Equator LP and Mexico CD & Tape, Wild Mood Swings Mexico CD, Greatest Hits Mexico CD


Mike McCallin

The Cure : In Between Days (7" NZ Demonstration copy) - Why Can't I Be you ? (12" Australia) - Just Like Heaven (12" Australia) - Hot Hot Hot (12" Australia) - Never Enough (12" Australia) - Close To Me (mix-12" Australia) - The 13th (CD Australia) Promo Video 4Leipzig concert' (NZ Promo videotape)

Jean-Christophe Moglia:

The Cure: Promo UK Photo (1979) - A Forest 7" UK Acetate

Faith US LP Test Press (Elektra 88)  - Charlotte Sometimes 7" New-Zealand

Japanese Whispers LP US Acetate (1983) - Lament UK 7" Test press with credit to R.Smith on the label

The Head on the Door LP Argentina - In Between Days Japan blue Cover Promo

Close To Me US 7" promo - The Blood 7" Spain Promo

Let's Go To Bed US  (1986) 12" test-press on Speciality records

Boys Don't Cry (remix) (1986) 12" Argentina promo

Kiss me LP Test Press USA on Speciality records - Interview record 7" & tape

Why Can't I Be You ? 7" US Promo & 12" US Promo on Speciality records

John Peel Session UK 12" Test Press - Canada Tape

Hot Hot Hot !!! video promo UK

Hot Hot Hot !!! US Long Box Tape - Entreat UK Promo Tape

Fascination Street US 7" & 12" Test Press on Speciality Record -& US Tape

Close To Me (remix) UK Promo Sticker on the 7"

Wish Australia  limited CD Card Box - Great Xpecations book

Picture Show UK Videotape with Poster - Promo videotape UK 'Divvun Forget video YA vol 1' with The Walk - Promo Video tape UK 'I know you got videos' Vol 4 with Charlotte sometimes

Fabrice Montagnier:

The Cure : Greatest Hits french Fnac Promo CDR - Greatest Hits French Promo CDR

Dimitri Ramage:

The Cure : Three Imaginary boys Yougoslavia CD - Kiss Me - Yougoslvia LP

Ian Reid :

The Cure:

Boys Don't Cry (UK Tape) - Pornography (UK tape & German tape)Japanese Whispers (French tape) - Lovecats (12" UK Promo with white paper label on both side) -  The Tube LP UK Compliation with The Lovecats - Headline Hits (UK LP compilation) - The Top (Greek Tape) - Show (UK promo Press picture folder) - The story far so (UK tape promo) - Port a party (US tape promo) - Strange Kind of Love (UK CD Compilation)- True Brit (UK CD Compilation) -NME CD brodcast with (Just Like Heaven live Glastonbury 1996) - Radio Daze Tape UK Promo - Happy Daze V2 UK tape, CD & LP-

Now that's what i call music (Close to me remix 90) - Smash hits (UK video with Lovecats)

Lockjaw (Simon gallup) - Journalist Jive 7" UK

Bernard Roeckel

The Cure:

Three Imaginary Boys: New-Zealand LP on Stunn / Australia original and Sire Tape/ Spain Tape - Australia CD

Times Square : French & Canada Tape/ Italy, Spain, Australia, Argentina, Canada & Israel LP

Boys Don't Cry Album : Tape :Germany, Greek, Australia (Sire), Argentina &Canada Tape/ Canada & Greek LP

'Britannia Waives the Rule' New-Zealand 12" LP with Cult Hero

17 Seconds : UK, Australia Sire edition & Canada Tape /  Canada LP

A Forest Germany 7"

New Wave Vibration Compilation Hong-Kong LP with A Forest

Juke Box 82 UK LP with Play for Today

Faith : Argentina, Australia Sire, French, UK 1st & 2nd edition, Canada Tape

Faith : Australia Sire, Spain, Canada LP

Primary : In the bag LP Australia Compilation with Primary

Pornography LP :Spain, Canada elektra, US elektra/ Pornography tape : Australia Sire reedition, , Uruguay, Canada elektra 

Japanese Whsipers LP: South Africa, Australia, Uruguay/ Japanese Whispers Tape :US Sire, Canada Sire, UK reedition, Argentina, CEE universal, 2 french tapes

LEt's go to bed : 7" Germany, 7" Australia , 12" Australia, 7" Promo Philippine / Juke Box Mexico compilation on Tape & LP / The BReakers Australia LP Compilation

The Walk : 7" Holland & Australia, 12" Germany, New-Zealand Tape, New wave rock busters Israel Compilation LP with the Walk

The Lovecats - 7"Holland & US, 12" Holland/ Compilations with the lovecats : Brit stars French cd, the one & only 80's album (tape & CD)/ the ongoing history Canada CD/ Smooth & Easy Germany LP/ Now that's what I call Music (tape)/ Throbbin'84 (Australia LP)

The Top Japan & German Tape, Canada Sire, & China LP

Concert LP : Argentina, Portugal, Australia, Canada/ Concert Tape : Argentian, Uruguay, Indonesia, Germany, Canada/ Concert CD : Brazil, Australia, Venezuela

Lost Angels with Fascinbation street Promotional US LP

Maybe Someday on UK Promo sampler LP

The Glove French Tape

Music Mix tape promo UK with Close to me & Lovecats

Nocturne : French, UK & US Tape / Hyaena : French & US tape, Brazil LP / Dear Prudence Greek 7"/ Swimming Horses 12" French

Trigger Happy UK CD Compilation with A Forest

Jason Spencer-Brooks:

The Cure -Entreat (French limited edition from the 'Club Dial')

Dominique Sureaud:

The Cure -The Caterpillar : Australia 12" - UK Test pressing of the 7" picture disc

The Cure - Disintegration - Australia LP

Baroque Bordello LP (Lol Tolhurst collaboration)

Frederic Thomas:

Siouxsie & The Banshees :

Hyaena promo photo - Dear Prudence 7" Spain, UK music sheet/ Swimming Horses 7" New-Zealand/ Dazzle 7" French Promo/ Nocturne LD UK

Bart Vercruyssen:

The Cure:

Three Imaginary Boys: New-Zealand, Argentina Tape - Australian, Holland & German  LP - Argentina & promo Argentina LP - New Zealand LP on Polydor - Spain LP -UK postcard - TIB (Mexican CD)

Killing An Arab - 7" Ireland - On The Wave promotional Spain box which contain the 7" spanish promo of Boys Don't Cry 

Boys Don't Cry - Argentina LP - Spanish & Holland LP

Cult Hero - 7" New-Zealand

17 Seconds LP: Spain,  Holland, New-Zealand (Stun 001)/ A Forest 7 Canada 2nd issue

A Forest (7" Australia) - A Forest (7" Ireland)

Faith - Holland & French Tape - Greek & Holland LP

Primary - 7" Ireland

Pornography - Argentina Tape / Australia (CBS) / Canada with A&M letter label / Greek, Holland & German LP -  The Hanging Garden - 7" Ireland

The Lovecats : Brazil Compil CD, Canada Promo compilation - The Lovecats 7" Ireland, Philippines, German pink plastic label, 12" Philippines/ German promo folder for the 7 & 12"

Japanese whispers - Portugal, Holland LP 

The Glove - US Promo Tape 

The Top - Argentina tape - Australia LP, Greek LP, Japan LP,  Philippines LP

The Caterpillar : 7" Italy promo with sleeve

Concert : LP Brazil,Greek,Brazil, Uruguay,  Holland, Philippines & Venezuela (2 diff LP)/ Concert Brazil Tape/ Australia reedition tape / French tape

The Head on the Door - Chili, Brazil, & Philippines Tapes - LP:New-zealand, Holland, Brazil, Australia - promo Argentina LP and German LP

In Between Days - 7" Ireland & Philippines promo / Close To Me - 7" Ireland

The Blood on Argentina Promo LP

Standing on a Beach - LP: Holland, Greek - Germany -Argentina - Brazil - Equator - South Africa - Uruguay - Venezuela - Standing on a Beach - Tape: Argentina - Peru & French - CD : South Africa & Colombia special edition/ Staring at the sea Japan videotape

Boys don't cry mix 86: on Brazil 86 promo compilation, 7" australia, German promo folder, Philippines and 12" 2editions Philippines

Kiss Me : Japan promo tape - Indonesia, Argentina  & Mexican tape - LP: Germany, Philippines, Greek, promo US, Brazil, Argentina, Mexican, Portugal, Peru, Venezuela, Orange UK vinyl with B Side

Why Can't I Be You : 7" South Africa, 7" German promo folder, 7" Italy promo with sleeve w&B/ 12" Brazil Promo - Just LikeHeaven : 7" South Africa,  7" UK White test pressing white vinyl , 12" UK test press, Philippines 12"/ Catch Promo Argentina compilation CD, Catch on Promo Japan LP compilation; catch German promo folder

John Peel Session - US Promo CD sampler, 12" French (1988)

Disintegration LP : UK White picture disc test pressing, Greek Lp, Greek Promo Test press LP, Hungary, Germany, Brazil & South Africa - Disintegration Israel, Argentina tape & US Promo Tape - Lullaby 12" Germany promo/ Fasination street 7" Promo South Africa/ Lovesong 7" Promo South Africa/ Pictures of you promo 7" Germany single with Lovesong, 7"Promo italy with w&b sleeve / Lovesong on Promo CD WEA Anniversary 5 CD Box

Entreat - Argentina & Turky Tape - LP: Greek - Australia / Disintegration - Mexican Tape

Mixed Up UK Promo Tape, singapore & Uruguay tape - LP argentina Promo - LP Greek,Spain, Yougoslavia, Holland, Mexican, South Africa & Brazil, Brits UK compilation 1991 with Close to me remix

In between days (mix) Canada promo compilation

Wish: South Africa CD - Brazil, Venezuela & Greek LP - Argentina Tape, Turky & Uruguay Tape/ Colombia Tape / Cure Box limited edition with 15 Cure albums

High - Advance listening Tape before Masterisation process UK

MTV Awards promoUS CD with Friday I'm in Love / 2 differents Brazil promo compilation LP with Friday I'm  in love/ Friday on Promo Korea CD compilation

Show : Brazil LP & Tape Turkey, Promo Tape Argentina / Paris : Taiwan CD & Mexican Tape - Promo sampler VCD with Friday I'm in love from the Show concert

Wild Mood Swings: Promo canada tape - Argentina, Brazil & Israel CD / Thailand & Chili Tape- Promo French CD - South Africa CD

13th 7" Italy promo with sleeve

Mint car - Australia CD Compilation promo

Galore - Taiwan, South Africa & Mexico  CD - Galore Spain promo sampler - French Promo CD missprinted & misspress - US Promo Tape for Galore - Summer Vibes (Australia promo CD with Wrong Number) - 

Wrong Number Sweeden Promo CD / Xfiles promo US CD

Bloodflowers - German CDR promo, Soth Africa CD, Taiwan Tape/ Promo Spain video

Out of This World - Belgian CDR & French CDR white label  Promo, Compilation Promo "Cornerstone", promo CD US promo compilation Modern Rock series

Maybe Someday :   UK CDR Promo- Canada promo CD compilation - US promo CD compilation Modern rock series, US Promo Elektra sampler,CMJ Promo CD, Polish CD

Greatest Hits (taiwan double CD) - South Africa, Argentina, Mexico & Chili  CD French promo cd 6 tracks - Double tape from turky - Greatest hits French promo Video

Cut Here - Promo US Sampler CD

String quartet CD tribute to the Cure

Synctank promo CD compilaiton (BMG) with in between days 

Zillo Festival German VCD, Play Out promo US video

German promo folder : The Walk, Close To Me, Charlotte Sometimes 86, Lullaby

Patrick Voisin :

The Cure Grinding Halt 12" UK acetate - The Cure : Boys Don't Cry US LP Test pressing of PVC edtion (1980) - April 1980 UK singles LP sampler with A Forest -  7" A Forest Australia with EMI sleeve - Pornography  test pressing UK LP copy with the folder - Lament 7" test-press with credits - Let's go to bed on a Spanish promo compilation LP - The Top UK sampler with white sleeve - The Top UK LP Test Pressing - The Top (blue) & snake magnetic toys - Promotional UK 1984  press kit - A Forest from Concert 7" UK acetate- Live in Japan VHS Tape- Why Can't I Be You ? one side UK 7" acetate - Why Can't I be You ? promo Chilie - 7" Mexican Promo (Why Can't I Be You ?)- 7" Mexican Promo (Lullaby/Lovesong)- Pictures of Yuo Test Pressing 7" French- Wish US Promo CD - Wrong Number UK CDR acetate from Tape To Tape studio - Cut Here Argentina promo CD compilation - Just Say Yes Argentina promo CD Compilation - Santa's workshop promo compilation US CD with A Forest - The end of the world Australia promo CDR - The End of The World Polish CDR Promo - Taking Off Australia CDR promo - The Blood/Push double side 7" acetate

Peter Waldrant :

The Cure : The Last Stiff Compilation (UK LP compilation with Jumping Someone else's Train) - Top Hits (German LP Compilation with In Between Days)- Alternative Sampler (Promo UK Cd with Mint Car)

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