For differents reasons some promotional and other non-promo records are deliberatly not shown in this website like US promo & non-promo,  'gold stamp' records, UK, French, Germany records, dedicated records but we will add them progressively... 

 Eric Gougelin, another French collector, helps me to constitute the discography of the Non-Fiction label. 

Some records are from the contribution of other fan collectors. Use this link for detailed records contribution or the link on the collector name.

In order to constitute a dynamic website with new & rare records we need your collaboration !!!. As you know some records are very difficult to find because in very small numbers. If you want you can submit your rare records list from your OWN collection. Your contribution will be credited both in the 'New Blood' contribution section and in the description of the record.


Records Contributions
Salvatore Cisternino
Other Fiction bands :

The Associates/ Purple Hearts/ The Passions/ The God Machine/ Back To Zero/ Miss America/ Welfare Heroine/ Honey Smugglers/ Ozo/ Wilson/ Flying Neutrinos

The Cure & More 

All  the  records  except * from Eric Gougelin and contributions records from the others collectors  detailed on the red room contribution page and also just below.

Moreover, the records that are not in my personal collection are systematically  credited in all the galleries without exception

Eric Gougelin
The Associates/The God Machine/ Eat / Die Warzau/ Candyland

 * 7" 10:15/ Foxy lady (French) 7" Never enough (French test-press)/ The Top (Indonesia tape)/ The Crow (promo tape)/ Pornography (Promo Argentina)/ Fools Dance booklet/ Lol Tolhurst collaborations with Bonaparte's and And Also The Trees/ Hyaena long box CD, Poesie Noire 12" Test-press

Alley Jon (USA) 6 records
Leslie Barker (Australia) 146 records
Autumn B (USA) 6 records
Brennen Kelly (USA) 1 record
Burmann Manuela & Ramon (Germany) 18 records
Camposano Ytalo (Peru) 11 records
Delle Rive Andrea & Elisa 7 records
Delalay Frederic (French) 3 records
Delmastro Paolo (Italy) 2 records
Evers Peter (Belgium) 3 records
Xavier Fab (Spain) 7 records
Gentile Angelo (Italy) 1 record
Greenley Rick (Toledo USA) 7 records
Hendrix Phil (USA) 33 records
Ken Ko (America) 5 records
Lapointe JF. (Canada) 4 records
Legros Frederic (France) 28 records
Malvido Eduardo (Mexico) 24 records
Mike McCallin (New-Zealand) 8 records
Moglia Jean-Christophe (France) 31 records
Montagnier Fabrice (France) 2 records
Ramage Dimitri (France) 2 records
Reid Ian (England) 23 records
Roeckel Bernard (France) 103 records
Spencer-Brooks Jason (America) 1 record
Sureaud Dominique (French) 4 records
Thomas Frederic (French) 6 records
Vercruyssen Bart  (Belgium) 244 records
Voisin Patrick  (France) 29 records
Waldrant Peter  (Belgium) 3 records
XXX Rodolphe  (France) 1 record

















A very special thanks to my friendsJean-François Baillod , Dominique Sureaud, Jean-Michel Chesne, Jean-Fréderic Miglerina, Sebastien Picard, Franck Zonzini, Christophe Rousselle, Torah Terrada, Gianfranco Franchini, Jean-Christophe Moglia and  Eric Gougelin !!!

About Salvatore and Eric:

I'm  french with an italian name. In september 85, when I was 16,  I discovered  'The Head on The Door'  and rapidly all others vinyl LP records. The Cure become my favourite band (and is still always !). I   began collecting The Cure  records especially for  the 'B-sides' and great records sleeve. I completely stopped in january 1997   to collect rare records what I've done for 3 years. I met another Cure "fan" Eric Gougelin in 1990. Eric was a Cure collectors until 1996 and decided to sell a part of his collection in 1998. With your help, we hope that this website will constitute a dynamic collection for rare 'The Cure' records and the entire Fiction label.